Wednesday, July 29

98-inch screen installed in boy’s bedroom ceiling, thanks to mom

And you wonder why the world is upside down; why are kids these days acting like they’re grown even before they hit teenage. Let me tell you why, it’s because….. Ok, I’m just jealous. Phew! That wasn’t too bad to admit, was it? I’ll let bygones be bygones and repent for my sinful behavior. That being dealt with (sniff) it’s just awesome to look “up” at the boy’s room, I wish I was given a surprise like this in my teen years.

The idea was brought to life by Patti Deni, the boy’s mother and has now been nominated for Home of the Year from electronic house magazine. The set-up consists a projector and reflecting mirrors, and weighs over 300 pounds. The only thing is, how will the boy watch his one-in-a-million TV set-up if he’s not laying down? I mean wouldn’t his neck strain while watching in any other position? Just saying…

07/29/09 Ernice Gilbert

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