Thursday, July 30

Nintendo shows off lifetime DS, DSi and Wii sales figures

Everyone loves when people know just how good they’re doing. If you’re broke, you’re not all around town proclaiming your, um, poverty. Matter of fact, many folks have no money but you’ll never know it by just looking at the cover of the book. Open it up and start reading, and you’ll see the truth. Master card: $5,000, Visa: $3,000, American express: $1,000. And that’s just credit cards. Your stance on judging only on outward appearance will change instantaneously.

So it’s no surprise Nintendo’s flashing lifetime sales results in everyone’s face; they’re doing exceptionally well. Lifetime global sales for Nintendo Corp. three platforms are as follows:

DS: 107.75 million

Wii: 52.62 million

DSi: 6.68 million.

So please don't tell me Nintendo will fade into the grey sky when the Wii Craze die out. I don't see it happening, and if it ever does, the Company would've already made enough money to sail through the next generation. Easily.

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