Friday, July 24

Sony’s boss Kaz Hirai to deliver keynote address at TGS

And at the look of things it seems as if we should expect a few big announcements, (PS3 Slim? Maybe? No?). Ok whatever, we can still hope, so here’s to hoping we get:

PS3 Slim - $299
GT5 - This year
Ridge Racer - Enough said!
FFV -13 - Game play
Netflix - You know you want it
New ‘Agent’ footage - Can’t wait!

Over 194,000 people attended TGS last year and more than 200,000 will descend on Tokyo come September. The title of Kaz’s address is “New tactics for 2009.” Time will be allotted for a panel discussion dubbed “perspectives and strategies of the top manufacturers in the global age.” Now that should drain some minutes from Sony’s 2hour session. Some of the big wigs who’ll be part of the discussions are execs from Capcom, Sony, Namco Bandai, Square-Enix and other speakers yet to be confirmed.

TGS is the largest gaming expo anywhere, in fact the attendance at TGS dwarf’s E3 when compared, almost five times the crowd. So what do you expect to hear from Sony? Let your voices be heard and rest assured will bring you the updates as they come in.

07/24/09 Ernice Gilbert

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