Wednesday, July 29

THQ hauls in profit, thanks to UFC 2009 Undisputed

At THQ today it’s a party, and with good reason. The company reported record profits for its fiscal first quarter, thanks to the massive success of UFC 2009 Undisputed which raised net sales up 77% to the tune of $243.5 million. Net profits were $137.6 million last year. Now you know why EA suddenly wants piece of that pie; someone’s getting fired today.

The game has shipped over 2.9 million units and while sales have slowed, it’s continuing to sell very well. Red Faction: Guerilla also played a decent role in boosting the company’s profits $6.4 million for the quarter. Red Faction: Guerilla has shipped over 1 million units worldwide.

THQ finally hopes to achieve profitability by 2010 sighting it’s cost cutting measures as key to achieving this goal.

07/29/09 Ernice Gilbert

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