Tuesday, August 4

80GB PS3 Discontinued in Japan: Are we one step closer to the PS3 Slim?

A leaked notice from retailer 7 Eleven (which sells videogames in Japan) made a request asking that orders of the 80GB PS3 stop immediately come this Sunday. Also, all in-store displays of said model be taken down at the request of maker.

Hence the swelling of the already over-reported rumor claiming a PS3 Slim and price cut is heading our way for the holidays. If true, expect the PS3 Slim will be a 160GB model, since the 20GB, the 40GB and the 60GB models are no longer in production.

There are also reports that the new Slim will make its debut at the GamesCom event in Cologne at Sony’s press conference on August 18th 2009. Whatever happens, we expect Sony to make at least one earth shattering announcement at its session. Stay tuned, we’ll bring all breaking news right where you stand, or sit, or lay down.

08/04/09 Ernice Gilbert

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