Saturday, August 1

Elusive PS3 Slim Shows up on Amazon Germany

There are no other details on the listing, so don’t go breaking things. If this is true, it falls in line with what Shu Yoshida said recently: “I feel like we’re in the launch year of the Playstation 3...” Indeed Mr. Yoshida, you know exactly what you’re talking about.

The rumors have been hard to miss concerning the elusive PS3 slim. But one must conclude that where there is smoke, there is fire. The Slim is real, and I believe it will be released soon accompanied by a price cut. But that’s just me, place your vote, let us know if you think both Sony and Nintendo will slash the price of their consoles.

Once again, take this with a grain of salt as no other info was given. No picture, no date and no price were listed.

08/01/09 Ernice Gilbert

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