Thursday, August 6

New Final Fantasy XIV Environments: High Fantasy

The way Square-Enix is talking about FFXIV, you’d think the game will hit store shelves before FFIII. But this won’t happen until the moon grows a beard, so we’re taking all we can get from the MMORPG whilst we impatiently wait.

This time around we got some new images and an 8 minute video to quench your thirst. I see a castle with great bridges, a tree hut, gloomy looking mountain range and a rich green field.
There will also be character races, which we got from Famitsu:

Hyuran: The greatest population of Eorzea, split into midlanders and highlanders. Lalafell: The intelligent, small-body farming community that came from islands in the southern seas. Roegadyn: These are the big-body sea-goers from the northern seas. Elezen: The race that once ruled Eorzea. They once fought the invading Hyuran, but now live in a peaceful coexistence. The four new job categories of FFXIV include fighter, sorcerer, gatherer, and crafter. The subcategories run the gamut from swordsman and archer for fighters to blacksmith and cook for crafters.

Final Fantasy XIV will release for the PS3 and PC late in 2010. enjoy this video.

08/06/09 Ernice Gilbert

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