Wednesday, August 5

Rumor: Apple to join the games console war with new tablet?

All those who adore the iPhone raise you hand. Ok, in a room of 20, I saw 20 arms stretched towards heaven. So here’s the new test. All those who’d buy a game console from Apple say yes. Now say no if you wouldn’t buy a new gaming system from the company. Ah, I see, so you love your iPhone but you're not sold on the tech savvy boys and girls over at Apple cooking up your next gaming console. Well, Apple might just have plans to woo you over.

Rumor has it Apple’s new tablet is actually a gaming system. Analysts have been speculating on when the company would enter the netbook market for a while now, but according to an analyst who claims he’s seen the tablet, and as reported by barrons, this new ‘whatever it is’ will actually play games.

According to the analyst, the tablet which is 10inchs and touch screen, is designed to be used as a “home media hub.” It will stream content over WiFi connections and sync with other Apple devices in the house.

We’re not sure what this means. Will Apple come in swinging with a full fledged Console, or is this just a juiced up iPhone? We'll wait.

08/05/09 Ernice Gilbert

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