Monday, August 3

Sony unveils top ten PSN downloads For July

As expected, Battlefield 1943 is at the top spot, followed by the timeless classic Final Fantasy VII. But wait, what is Snake doing in 7th place? Metal Gear Solid on PS1 is one of my favorite games of all time. Then again that’s just me, so where are all the MGS fans? Come on show some love to old Snake before he dies, (lol).

Seriously speaking, isn’t it amazing how Final Fantasy VII, a PS1 classic is able to up till now dominate the PSN charts? A remake would do wonders for Square-Enix. Here’s the full list:

1. Battlefield 1943 2. Final Fantasy VII 3. The Punisher: No Mercy 4. Bomberman Ultra 5. Wolfenstein 3D 6. Namco Museum Essentials 7. Metal Gear Solid 8. Resident Evil: Director’s Cut 9. Mortal Kombat II 10. Zen Pinball

08/03/09 Ernice Gilbert

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