Thursday, September 24

Opinion: Xbox 360 will last as long as the PS3

Some say they don't think Microsoft's Xbox 360 will last two more years. They claim, it has reached its limit; therefore continuing to use the console will only stifle innovation. Well, we here at Gamesthirst beg to defer, in fact, we will dispel this myth once and for all. Follow me.

Before I delve into the factors that will surely sustain the Xbox 360 through this generation, I must voice that, although some may not like the way The Redmond company does business, there's no hiding the fact that they brought much needed competition to the gaming industry. Competition is great for consumers, and so, I hope Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft grow their brands stronger with each passing year. With that being said, I will list four reasons why Microsoft isn't going anywhere, anytime soon. Or why they won't be releasing another console until the next 3-4 years.

Exclusives: It's a long standing fact, price cuts will help for a while, marketing can only get you so far, but what really sell consoles at the end of the day are the exclusives. Some would try and convince you saying the Xbox 360 has no exclusives. That's a cold lie. Here's a list of just some of the most outstanding titles:

These are Just some of the exclusives that make the Xbox 360's value greater than some would have you believe.

Xbox Live: It was introduced with the original Xbox, and has gone on to revolutionize online play forever. And today, the XBL market place is booming, with no signs of slowing. Microsoft is, and will continue to innovate and lead the online arena, integrating great features, which will add even more value to its already value packed platform.

Natal: First demoed at E3 09', Microsoft's motion technology made waves in the gaming media. It's not only promising, but believe it or not, Natal is definitely a new step forward in the evolution of gaming. How it'll play out is anybody's guess, but Microsoft is planning an all out media onslaught when it's released in late 2010. In fact, they claim, it will be like a standalone console launch. Heaping even more hype to the already over-hyped motion device, is the announcement recently made at TGS by Major Nelson. He says, some of the biggest names in the gaming business, have signed on to support Natal, including the San, Hideo Kojima. Enough said.

Money: We all know Microsoft has enough money to feed the world. So much so that they lost 7 billion dollars on the original Xbox, and billions on the 360 caused by the dreaded RROD. Yet, they press on; I guarantee you, if it was another company, they'd be out of business. The software giant is rich mainly because of its Windows OS, which powers most PCs around the world. But investors are weary, so instead of going full throttle with a brand new console, they'd rather Microsoft spend less cash and push the 360 beyond its limits.

And there you have it, if you're Xbox 360 owner, be confident in your purchase, because it will be supported for years to come.

09/24/09 Ernice Gilbert

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