Sunday, September 20

Famitsu predicts FFXIII Will sell 1million copies first week in Japan

Famitsu is usually accurate when it provides sales forecast for upcoming games. So don't be surprised if their latest prediction is laser sharp. Famitsu sees about 1million copies of Final Fantasy 13 flying off store shelves all across Japan, in the first week of the game's release on December 17th 2009. This comes as no surprise, as Final Fantasy is Japan's GTA, or their Halo, or whatever. But with estimates like these, it's hard to ignore the potential PS3 sales boost that'll undoubtedly follow suit.

Microsoft could sure use FFXIII in that part of the world, but It won't happen, (at least not yet), since the game is exclusive to the PS3 in Japan. The publication also provided forecasts for games such as Wii Fit Plus, Gran Turismo PSP, Tekken 6 amongst others. Check the full list here.

09/21/09 Ernice Gilbert

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