Thursday, September 24

Final Fantasy XIII PS3 Slim Bundle, makes me jealous

Don't you just love how Sony always seem to give the Japanese all the cool stuff? I mean really, look at this whitish, pinkish, "lightning" theme Final Fantasy XIII PS3 Slim. Just sweet. On top of that, the limited PS3s will boast a 250GB HDD, and will be out on December 17th 2009.

Square also said they plan on releasing FFXIII in North America and Europe Spring of 2010. The game is one of the most highly anticipated titles this generation, and has been the at center of heated debates, especially after Yoshinori Kitase announced at E3 08, that the once Playstation exclusive will be making its debut on the Xbox 360. Controversy or not, gamers from the world over will be getting their hands on this gem on day one of its release. Hec, some will even import the Japanese version; that's how good it is.

09/24/09 Ernice Gilbert

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