Saturday, September 26

Hideo Kojima on Natal: "It seems like magic"

Hideo Kojima is one of, it not the most respected name in games development. Great men in the industry take notice when he speaks; not only is he full of wisdom, he is also a visionary. Known best for his masterpiece the Metal Gear Solid franchise, the man has demonstrated over the years a genius in game creation that's unheard of. And that's just for starters. It would take several paragraphs to list all of his accomplishments, so I'll simply conclude by stating what many already know, when Kojima puts his hands to work, gamers wait impatiently for the final product.

So when I heard of his excitement for the prospect of creating new experiences on Microsoft's Project Natal, I paused from all else and listened. Speaking during an all-star Natal Panel of Japanese developers, Kojima voiced his stance. Speaking through a translator he said:

"I am very interested in Natal, It seems like magic." Many developers see Natal as a new venue so to speak, by which non gamers will be attracted to gaming systems, just like the Wii before it. He had a lot to say however, and shared even more fascinating ideas with Kotaku. He said:

"I am not interested in making games for casual users, but I'n interested in making games that hardcore users always wanted to play." Read the full interview here. The San wants to make games that are deep and involving on Natal, something he says, like Halo, or Gears of War, even Metal Gear Solid, what ever he creates will give according him, a core experience. "I want to give them something that is a deeper experience with Natal," he said.

The man it seems, is on a mission, Hideo Kojima is out to revolutionize the way we play games all over again, question is, can he pull it off with a motion detecting device dubbed Project Natal? Let us know how you feel.

09/26/09 Ernice Gilbert

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