Monday, September 28

No Modern Warfare 2 Demo

The game according to Bobby Kotick, that has the potential of being the biggest entertainment release of all time, won't receive a demo. Nope, it's either you're in or out on this one, which I suspect most of you are in. So if you've been on the purchasing fence, uh, you might be there for a long time. Who knows, a demo could always find its way on PSN and XBLA after the game's released, but for now, none. Infinity Ward had this to say on the studio's official twitter page:

"No plans for demo before launch. The entire team is focused on polish all the way up to ship of the full game."

That's just the way it is folks, in life, we don't always get what we want, and in this case, you'll just have to wait till launch. Go take a nap. You'll feel better.

09/28/09 Ernice Gilbert

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