Wednesday, September 23

Sony's Kaz Hirai TGS Keynote Details

The Big show is here again. Tomorrow morning the event commences with Sony's front man Kaz delivering a keynote to the masses. Last year 194,288 people attended the event over the course of four days, for both business and public visitors. This year is expected to eclipes last year's turn out.

Sony promised a big show, so rest assured as the news roll in, we'll keep you updated. Microsoft will also be there, but as Aaron Greenberg said, they won't have much to say, although their presence will surely be felt with all the games that'll be available to play and view on the show floor.

Hirai's Keynote begins at 10:30am local time. That's 6:30pm PST and 9:30pm Eastern time. Europe 2:30am PST, and 3:30am CET. I'm looking forward to a new Syphon Filter, and something fresh form Microsoft. What about you, think there's a new Twisted Metal headed our way? How about something big from Rare? Share your thoughts.

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09/23/09 Ernice Gilbert

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