Saturday, October 31

12 Year Old Boy Gives Up Wii For Bail

A serious case of "problem child" syndrome has graced the wonderfully cold region of Canada recently...

A 12 year old boy who has been charged with basically everything ranging from assault to vandalism was put on bail today.
Condition being that the child provide his Nintendo Wii to the court. Judge Marvin Garfinkle's conditions for the
boy are that he must keep the peace, appear for his court dates, live with his grandmother, and take part in a bail management
program. If the child fails to do these things, he loses his Wii.

The first time the child had an encounter with the police was back in February where he used a rock-filled sock to smash
the door windows at his school. Shortly after that, he chased down a classmate and punched him multiple times in the face.

Police decided to release him with some conditions but not too long after, he was once again in trouble. This time, he failed to obey three court orders.

His lawyer stated that the boy was not out of control, he was just getting caught in the middle of sticky situations. I guess that's one
way of putting it. What this child needs is serious help. Taking away his "precious" Wii console isn't going to make things any better.

10/31/09 Colton West

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