Tuesday, October 27

Amy Hennig: Leading lady in a man's world

Too often, women don't get the recognition they deserve. They work hard, most times behind the scenes and never seek to be recognized. Men across the globe who are successful, will tell you it's because of a strong woman behind them that's the reason they were able to endure the stresses that come along with any venture. They are smart, talented, blessed, and innovative. They've also left huge marks in the gaming industry, and today, GameThirst honors the lady that's breathing new life in the market, and into you living rooms, with the awesome Uncharted 2: Among Thieves title. Take some time and honor the stellar lady with us, Amy Hennig of Naughty Dog.

Statistics say women are not that into gaming. Although they've warmed up to the form of entertainment, it never really could grab and keep them. We reckon they hang around Amy for 24hrs, and surely, their minds will do a 180 degree turn.

She is part creative director and part game director at Naughty Dog, no wonder really, since she's been in the industry for over 17years, her skills can't be held to one department. At the company, her focus is to make sure that the big vision of any game they're working on translate into story, characters and cinematics. In brief, her main focus is on story and writing, and working with the actors.

Amy started out as an artist and animator in the 8 and 16-bit era before moving into the game design field. The leading lady's big break came while working at EA in a role which overtime lead her to Crystal Dynamics, where she was first a design manager and later director, leading development of the third-person action-adventure game Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver.

Yes, there are many leading ladies in the gaming industry, from Jillian Goldberg VP of marketing at Bioware/Pandemic Studios, to Laura Fryer executive producer at Microsoft Game Studios, but none stands out like Amy. None so interactive, none so cool. As a guy, you want to hang with the power-house that's Amy Hennig and get your butt whipped in Uncharted 2's multiplayer online. It'd be okay, after all it's Amy, who cares right? As long as you're next to the legendary woman, nothing else matters.

She'll be in your living rooms for years to come, whether it's Uncharted, Jak and Daxter or an all new IP, remember some of the greatest moments in videogames were brought to you not by Hideo Kojima, (although he's a boss) not by Gabe Newell, Not the gangsters at Rockstar or Infinity Ward, no, some of the most memorable times you'll play now and in the future will be compliments of Amy Hennig. Hats off to you lady, you make us proud.

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  1. Nice read, a great woman for sure. Congrats Amy!

  2. A woman of class, and at the same time down to earth.

    You feel like you want to play Uncharted with her..

    Great read by the way.

  3. her head did a 360 degree turn? so after hanging out with her we decide that girls arn't into gaming after all?

  4. 360 degree turn????????

    so they will still hate games??????

  5. I stand corrected.

    Thanks for your sharp eyes friends. Now let's continue praising Amy!

    Ernice Gilbert

  6. Great read, although I was perturbed by the 360 turn lol, good come back.

    Keep it up guys. Great site. Amy deserves all the praise she gets.

    But remember there are a lot of other great women in the indusrty

  7. She also a naughty kitten or wut?

  8. Amy is a woman that show, to all male in the industry, how it's done in gameing.
    She creates characters not games, complemented by story, art design, etc.

    She deserves a star on a Walk of Fame.

    P.S. I know that this is a sensibile qestion.....sory if I disturbe you!

    -There are any chances to se you directing some day a new Soul Reaver game?....:).I not give us a new IP as "dark" as Legacy of Kain

  9. I wish Sony would licence or outright buy the Soul Reaver/ Kain IP. Can you imagine what that would loik like using the Naughty Dog game engine?! And with Amy at the helm, the possibilities are endless.

    I guess I can dream...

  10. I always imagined the atmosphere created by the look of Spectral Realm in a engine as Naughty Dog one.

    Imagine Kain in that engine, his pale tone skin, his witch like hair, Raziel in spectral, almost transparent, castingh trough shadows, Reaver in wrath form.....sweet!Sory if I got to emotional.

    And Amy still loves the LofK franchise, hiere is the proof: http://nosgoth.yuku.com/topic/5978