Tuesday, October 6

Coming Soon: GamesThirst.com, Bigger and Better

Thank you, yes you who on a daily basis visit this website, it means more than you'll ever know. And because of our dedication to bringing our faithful readership excellent content, we've decided to launch a bigger and better version of GamesThirst. See our progress here, although it's not the final product by no means, we wanted to enlighten you on some behind the scenes info, besides, we're doing this for you, therefore your feedback are welcomed.

There will be dedicated sections for news, reviews, editorials, inspirational articles, videos, you'll be able to join and post your comments, and also if you're interested in working for Gamesthirst, we'll be accepting applications. There'll be interviews with devs, publishers and console makers. There are a few more items we're leaving out because we want to surprise you; so keep coming for excellent content, and rest assured we'll keep on delivering. And last but not least for our grand opening we'll be giving away PS3s and Xbox 360s, yeah, we call this segment "Thirst Giveaways" cause where just so eager to give away stuff to our members, all you must do is join then post a comment and you're in.

So enough talk, we'll give you more updates as we make progress, thanks and God bless you all.

10/06/09 Ernice Gilbert

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