Monday, October 26

Confirmed: Neftlix coming to PS3, no extra cost

Big news. Hot upon rumors that Netflix will be on the PS3 soon, the US PS Blog has confirmed it.

US PS Blog: Attention PS3 owners, want to watch movies streamed instantly from Netflix via your PS3? Very soon you'll be able to do just that.

We're excited to announce today that Netflix and Sony have partnered to bring you thousands of movies and TV episodes streaming instantly from Netflix to your TV via your PS3 system at no extra charge. When the application launches next month, you'll be able to access and watch thousands of Netflix choices directly through the XMB, we think that nearly nine million PS3 enthusiasts and 11.1 million numbers in the U.S. will make quite a match.

The war has officially begun.

10/26/09 Ernice Gilbert

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