Thursday, October 15

Infinity Ward On Zombies in MDW2: Never. Never Ever!

Tryarch and Infinity have had bad blood against each other, but to all those who think it's in the rear view, think again. In Call of Duty 5: World at War, there's an unlocakble Zombie mode that pits you against the dead, a feature many liked and some abhor. It seems Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling is on the side of those who abhor the mode. In an interview with VG247, he's answer was relayed with a passion.

VG247: Are there any plans for aliens and zombies? Robert replied:

"Never. Never ever."

Wow, if this don't convince you not to expect it nothing will. The two studios which trade years to produce Call of Duty titles have been insulting each other for some time now, and we see no signs of slowing. Why can't folks just get along?

10/15/09 Ernice Gilbert

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