Friday, October 30

Japanese hardware sales from Sept. 28th - October 25th

The DSi is a monster in Japan which comes as no surprise. PS3 Slim is also a monster, which is not surprising either. PSP's doing well also, and as usual, PS2 and XBox 360's grasping for attention.

I guess it was a month of no surprises in Japan, boring huh? Not that it's a bad thing, but who doesn't appreciate a little shaking up of the status quo every now and again? Here's the full break down:

DSi ~ 194,781

PSP ~ 167,688

PS3 ~ 12,642

Wii ~ 122,096

DSI ~ 25,205

Xbox 360 ~ 15,702

PS2 ~ 8372

Predictable chart no doubt, where's Microsoft with the wild card?

10/30/09 Ernice Gilbert

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