Friday, October 2

Media Create Hardware Sales from Sept. 21-Sept. 27: PS3 sales lag but where's the Wii?

The Japanese are at it again, at what you ask? They're buying Nintendo's DSi for every member in their families. Seriously, is there an end to this craze? Nintendo hopes it continues, and with good reason, the DSi once again ruled the Japanese weekly charts as the Wii, well the Wii is sitting ugly at 5th place just above the Xbox 360. Sony's new Slim Down console saw a sharp sales drop moving 39,960 units compared to last weeks 61,055.

Once again the PSP sits at third moving 17,334, and the PS2? It's about to say goodbye as sales slide into the sunset moving just over 2,000 systems. Here's the full list:

1) DSi ~ 63,342

2) PS3 ~ 39,960

3) PSP ~ 17,334

4) Wii ~ 16,698

5) Xbox 360

6) PS2 ~ 2,723

Japan needs a remedy to curb the decline that's occurring in said market and get back to their former glory before it's too late. Might be too late already but you never know, you just never know.

10/02/09 Ernice Gilbert

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