Tuesday, October 27

Microsoft responds to Sony/Netflix announcement

From September of 2008, the Xbox 360 was very instrumental in adding over 2 million subscribers to Netflix, that's the fastest growth period in the company's history.

Late October 25th, 2009, Sony announced on the US PS Blog that they'd partnered with Netflix to bring thousands of movies via the streaming service to PS3 owners right in the comfort of their homes. Big news it was, and now Microsoft, the company that enjoyed and occasionally bragged about the exclusive deal they had with Netflix has responded to the news. As usual, it's not a humble 'oh good for them' response, so brace yourself.

"The Netflix experience on Xbox Live is unique and reflects our commitment for social entertainment. We believe we offer an experience today that is a generation ahead of what others are offering," the MS spokesperson said.

"For a little over $4 a month, Xbox Live Gold membership is hands-down the best value in home entertainment, and gives you exclusive access to multiplayer gaming and early demos as well as Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Last.fm, "1 vs 100" and more."

So do you think the spokesperson is right? As it stands now, only Gold members on Xbox Live have Netflix, PS3 owners get it for free, no extra cost added to the Netflix price. It's your call.

10/27/09 Ernice Gilbert

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