Saturday, October 24

Microsoft's Ent. and Devices Devision sees almost double profits

The results aren't shabby at all, profits rise from $159 million in last year's Q1 to $312 million this year. However revenue for the quarter remained flat, at $1.89 billion dollars.

The corporation as a whole suffered declines, as the market becomes tighter and its main rival Google ramps up the heat. More mobile phone companies are now jumping on the Android bandwagon, Google's mobile operating system it provides free of charge for anyone to use.

HTC, Microsoft's main carrier of the windows mobile operating system is said to be moving 50% percent of their cellphones from Microsoft's Windows to Google's Android. The two companies are in an all out war for online advertising dollars, a market Google dominates overwhelmingly, owning over 66% of market share.

Competition is indeed stiff, and sales were down 14% to $12.2 billion and income down 18% to $3.57 billion. Let's hope the Xbox and Zune division remains a bright spot in the company.

See the full break down here.

10/24/09 Ernice Gilbert

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