Thursday, October 1

New PSP firmware update adds bluetooth tethering and more

Sony's new PSP firmware update is now live. Version 6.10 comes with an array of new features most notably bluetooth tethering.

Features like SenseMe music categorization support, which is an application that categorizes the music PSP owners have on the device are interesting. Let's say you want to hear some tunes that'll get you hyped for your work day, SenseMe got you covered.

but what's really enticing is the ability to have an alternative method for connecting to the internet via a bluetooth device, that device being your PSPgo, and since Sony's new gem has bluetooth built in, we're guessing this feature will only be available for PSPgo owners.

Soon we'll have an article on the site that'll help consumers make up their minds on which PSP to purchase, the PSPgo or PSP-3000, however with the price of the PSPgo at $249 some are already protesting. Here's the question, will you purchase a PSPgo? Comment below.

10/01/09 Ernice Gilbert

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