Tuesday, October 20

NPD September 2009: That's What Happens With Price Cuts

The PS3 is up, significantly up. Half a million consoles sold in North America just in the month of September, a testament to what price cuts can do.

Microsoft's Xbox 360 did significantly better also, selling 353k units, up 138k, the equivalent of 64%.

All in all, it was a good month for the industry, with sales being up slightly year-over-year, the second best September since 2007. Here's the full breakdown:

-DS: 524K29K (-5%)
-PS3: 492K282K (+134%)
-Wii: 463K186K (+67%)
-360: 353K138K (+64%)
-PSP: 190K50K (+36%)
-PS2: 146K40K (+38%)

Great month for the industry indeed.

10/20/09 Ernice Gilbert

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