Friday, October 16

Over 600 million pieces of content downloaded from PSN

Since the redesigned PS3 Slim launched, Sony's been on a roll. In the first three weeks, over 1 million units sold worldwide and the pace will only continue through Christmas. But that's not all; because the more consoles they sell, higher than usual demand for content will be inevitable, and according to Sony, the number of content downloaded from PSN thus far is staggering.

The hardware giant announced yesterday that over 600 million pieces of content have been downloaded from the Playstation Network, this is in light of the late and slow start PSN had compared to Xbox Live, and more proof that Sony is doing vigorous battle for not only who sells more consoles, but also, who'll win the online battle.

You might be a gamer who downloads a ton of content, and you're beginning to worry about where will you store all of what you've purchased, and games you've saved. If you don't want to go through the hassle of buying and installing another hard drive in the PS3, Sony has a 250GB solution for you. Yes, on November 3rd, you'll have a chance to purchase the brand new oversized 250GB Slim and put your worries about losing content you've purchased to rest. Rest easy.

10/16/09 Ernice Gilbert

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