Thursday, October 8

Patcher: PS3 leads the sales chart, while 360 and Wii follow

The one who predicts and gets it right/wrong half the time is back at it again, this time telling you what to expect from hardware sales this month. According to the Webush Morgan analyst Michael Patcher, the US games trade will return to double digits growth after six straight months of steady decline.

"We forecast sales of $750 million, up 21% compared to last year's $618 million," Patcher said in a note.

The analyst also predicted the PS3 beating Wii and Xbox 360 for the month of September.

"We estimate sell-through of 390,000 Wii hardware units, (down 45% from last year), 350,000 Xbox 360 (up 1% from last year), and 410,000 PS3 consoles (up 76% year-over-year) as the price cuts for all three consoles spur demand," he concluded.

So that's Patcher's estimates, look out for the more accurate NPD numbers next week.

10/08/09 Ernice Gilbert

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