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PSP-3000 or PSPgo, which should you buy?

The PSPgo is now a go, and Sony has been doing all it can to make sure the handheld its well received, from it's own "app store" dubbed Media Go, to a slew of games releasing along side the device, most notably Gran Turismo PSP. But some are still unsure if they should take the jump, or just forgo this one. We've listed the features shared by both systems, the perks, the downsides and help you make the best choice according to your tastes.

First let's take a look at the PSPgo:

What's good

* It has a built in 16GB hard drive and should you need more space, you can purchase memory stick micro (M2) for use in the new M2 memory card slot.

* There's a new Pause option that allows you to stop playing at any time, exit to the XMB where you can download a new game, play music, watch movies and when you're done pick resume to continue playing where you left off.

* A very slick design, lighter and smaller that its older brother PSP-3000.

* Connect your PSPgo to your PS3 then plug your PS3 dual shock 3 controller into your PSPgo, and you'll have the joy of playing your PSPgo games on your PS3.

What's not good

* The PSPgo costs $249 USD!

* You won't be able to play your UMD based games on the PSPgo.

* Old memory stick Pro Duo isn't compatible with it.

You should buy if:

* You want to bag the latest revolutionary gaming device, play movies, listen to music, and most importantly play games wherever you go, with no UMDs bugging you down.

* You still got that old PSP-1000 and $249 is not an issue for you.

* You're sucker for all things new.

And there you have it, a simple and straight forward look at the upsides and downsides of the PSPgo. Can't make your mind up yet? Don't worry, maybe the PSPgo is not your thing? We understand, let's see what PSP-3000 brings to the table:

What's good

* Bigger screen than the PSPgo, albeit slightly but bigger nonetheless.

* It's way cheaper!

* There's variety of styles and colors you can pick from including a Hanna Montana Lilac pack.

* The option to purchase a 32GB memory stick pro duo and store all your digital game purchase on it.

What's not good

* You have to purchase a memory stick pro duo to take advantage of digital downloads.

* It's bigger, heavier.

* You won't be able to transfer old UMDs onto a memory stick pro duo.

You should buy if:

* Things are hard, and can't afford to drop $249 on a handheld.

* Not into all that digital download hoopla, you're hard copy kind of guy.

* You're Hanna Montana fanboy and won't settle for anything without her name on it.

* You can't stand change!

Shared Features

* Both will give you access to most of the games in the PSP library.

* Both allow direct access to the PSN store.

* Battery life are the same on both PSPs.

Now it's time to make your mind up, will it be the new PSPgo, or are you leaning towards the PSP-3000? Share your thoughts.

10/03/09 Ernice Gilbert

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