Wednesday, October 14

Rumor Thirst: inFamous Sequel in the Works

The first was a surprise smash hit. Sucker Punch delivered a solid open world experience staring the good guy bad guy (which ever you choose) Cole. inFamous was critically acclaimed as one of the best games to land of the PS3 thus far, with some even nominating the action packed 'bad boy take no prisoners' title as contender for game of the year. In the sales department, inFamous held its own, selling over 176,000 units in one week, topping out the Playstation geniusly crafted title LittleBigPalnet which sold 107,000 in the first week.

So it comes as no surprise (even it's labeled as a rumor) that Sony and Sucker Punch would be hard at work on a sequel after the success of the first. And now it looks like the character Cole in inFamous is being recast for a sequel. The hint comes in a twitter post by actor David Sullivan. Here's the twit:

First voiceover/motion caption audition today for a video game. Recasting of Cole in the Sequel to inFamous. "I'll melt your face." eg.

Big info to release on twitter if you ask me; he probably never thought of the gaming media, too bad, we're like hungry lions, watch your mouth Sullivan. Wonder if he'll still have a chance after this humongous flap? Oh well.


10/14/09 Ernice Gilbert

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  1. inFamous is a good game.
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