Monday, October 19

Rumor Thirst: Killzone 3 coming in 2010

Listen, Killzone 2 in our opinion, is the best darn shooter to date. Period. And if this rumor is confirmed as true, PS3 fans will have more than enough exclusives to boot in 2010.

In the latest issue of Playstation: The Official Magazine, Killzone 3 is reportedly in development by Guerrilla Games according to the mag, and Sony is actually eyeing a 2010 release.

PTOM also made mention of Resistance 3 and World at War 2 from Treyarch, but Killzone 3? Now that's big news.

Since Killzone 2 was recently released on February 27th of this year, no one was expecting any information concerning another installment, at least not so soon.

It's a rumor though, so take with a grain of salt. Get the full vibe here.

10/19/09 Ernice Gilbert

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