Saturday, October 31

Splinter Cell franchise Xbox exclusive for the time being

Splinter Cell has always been a franchise that has seen the life of most consoles ranging from the Nintendo Gamecube to the PC, but now it seems that PlayStation owners are going to get angry..

Yannis Mallat, the CEO of Ubisoft's Toronto and Montreal studios said at the recent GameON: Finance conference that until further notice, the Splinter Cell franchise from Conviction and onward will only be available on the Xbox 360. However, he also stated that, "I'm only the one making the games, you should talk to the people in Paris [for a final answer]."

This seems to just be another blow to Sony's stomach. With the Metal Gear and Final Fantasy series moving onto the Xbox, I wouldn't be surprised if God of War 3 was ported over as well in due time.


10/31/09 Colton West

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