Thursday, October 8

Walmart is now selling used videogames

The world's biggest retailer, Walmart, has started selling used games. The retail giant is selling previously owned games at 30% lower than new game prices and is offering a "guarantee" that the games will work without defect by giving customers three weeks to return titles that malfunction, the company said on its website.

Games for the PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and even the PS2 are all included, as Walmart look to boost videogames sales by going head-to-head with companies like and Gamestop.

Retailers in the used games business have seen a huge increase in sales over the past year, which many claim is due to the recession. Gamestop saw the biggest increase with used games sales rising 22% from a year earlier, while at the same time seeing a drop of 3.7 percent in overall sales.

As budgets get even tighter, gamers are looking for ways to save money on their favorite pastime, so they buy cheaper games or play for free online which in turn lead to a decline in sales of 14% from a year earlier to a total of 9.07 billion dollars.

So, are you one of the guys wondering around Gamestop looking for used deals? You are? Why you cheap pocket you! Support the industry, buy new!

10/08/09 Ernice Gilbert

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