Friday, October 30

Xbox 360 has the best games out, says EU XBL boss

And there you were thinking your PS3 was second to none in the games department. A bold statement isn't it? The Xbox Live EU boss didn't tie his tongue either, the words came out clearly and confidently. Here's Jerry Johnson speaking to videogamer:

"I'll come back and say that Xbox has the best games out there. It's got the best first-person shooters out there. The exclusives we've had over the past years and what we had going into this holiday prove the point that this is still very much at its heart a gaming console," Johnson said.

"There's nothing we're going to change with that. You will start to see us though, do things that are broader marketing and start to expose some of the things that are broader than just first-person shooters."

"There's nothing we're going to change that's going to not focus on those customers more. In fact, not just this year but in the next year, we'll continue to do features that are targeted at the hardcore gamer. At the same time we're going to start to do some of the things that appeal to both the hardcore game and the broader user, and continue to do things and start to do more targeted more at the broader user specifically."

Get the full vibe here.

10/30/09 Ernice Gilbert

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