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Xbox 360 is 7 million units ahead in US, can PS3 catch up? It would take a miracle.

Back in 2005 Microsoft had one goal, and that was to defeat Sony this generation by selling more consoles than it's closest competitor, and up to recently they've been doing an excellent job. But with the release of the PS3 Slim Sony's been able to slice through Microsoft's Xbox 360 lead significantly in one month, question is will the hardware giant be able to keep the momentum going? We've done some research and according to statistics, it's a pretty tall order, especially in the U.S.

This the seventh generation of games consoles will at the most last three more years, if it last this long the PS3 would have to outsell the Xbox 360 by 200,000 units for 36 consecutive months to overtake Microsoft's console in the U.S, and that my friends is no small order. As of October 31st, 2008 there were 11.6 million Xbox 360s sold in the US, compared to 5.7 million PS3s the same period, that's approximately 5.9 million more Xbox 360s, now factor in the amount of units Microsoft shipped from First quarter (ending September 30th, 2008) - fourth quarter (ending June 30th, 2009) and the 7 million units lead adds up quickly. May I remind you, the Xbox 360 outsold the PS3 for most of 2009, it's only after the newly redesigned PS3 Slim was released Sony started cutting into Redmond giant's share.

The PS3 will undoubtedly overtake the Xbox 360 in global sales before this Generation is out, take a look at Japan for example, the PS3 Slim is selling like hotcakes there and with games like Final Fantasy XIII releasing on December 17th, Gran Turismo in March, and Yakuza 4 on it's way, it's a no-brainer Japan will help Sony gain back her crown. In Europe Sony is already ahead by one million units and if the current trend keeps up, that lead is only going to grow.

This generation Xbox 360 will win one market, the most important one, the United States of America, but the rest of the world belongs to Sony. Find statistics here.

10/05/09 Ernice Gilbert


  1. Sony is never gonna win this console race ever its too late.Thats what happens when you arrive late to the PARTY.

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  4. "Thats what happens when you arrive late to the PARTY."

    In fact, this article forgot one thing! The 360 may leave the PARTY early!!! Over the next 3 years, the PS3 should keep selling decently, thanks to BluRay, easy to replace harddisk, and now great price. New 360 games are now cramped or showing up on multiple DVDs. It's not aging well as expected.

    So yes, it was there early and got a few millions sales extra in the first year, but somehow, I don't think it will sell lots in 3 years from now... That may change the number game a lot!

  5. Up above, you're claiming this gen will end in 2012. It won't. With the cost and time of development and new engines still being worked around this console gen, this gen is predicted to be longer than the previous ones.

  6. idiots keep saying the 360 disc space seem to forget the wii is number 1 without bluray.hard drive or dvd play back. in america wii,360,and ps3. the most important market

  7. XBOX 360 is the system of choice this time around, can't wait for the next xbox!

  8. Umm, no? The United States isn't the most important. There are more people in the rest of the world then in America alone. So if, as you said in your post, Sony is winning in the rest of the globe, but only losing in the United States. Then that's a pretty crushing defeat for the Xbox 360.

    Regardless, i have to wonder when stupid people will quit writing up stupid articles like this one. 5 years from now, Sony will have damn near as many games as the 360. It will still be receiving new games. This console generation will most likely end with Sony and Microsoft both saying that they are the "winners." Neither console is going to "die" like the Dreamcast did. So because of that, what the hell is the point of these types of articles? Seems like the only point is to stir up shit. To keep the fanboy fued going, and to attract people to your crappy, third rate website...

    Which i guess is working? So good for you...

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  10. easy win for ps3 on all fronts.

  11. Ps always win!!

    i bet that xbox faggets dont know what a 8 processor is.

  12. So USA market is more important than Europe and Japan combined.

    Let's see:

    Europe population: 840 milion
    Japan population: 128 milion (and let's not hundreds of millions of others)

    USA population: 308 milion

    Yes, USA is definitely biggest and most important market. If you are a moron.

    Only thing that was holding ps3 was the price. And now that that barrier is gone... Farewell X360. I had X360 for 7 months, until ps3 slim arrived. Currently, X360 is main dust collector in my house.

  13. USA is 45 million people. India 1/3 the size of USA is 1 billion and China 1.2 billion and europe 830,000,000 thats a big contrast to 45 million. mmmm..... Plus the home land of Microsoft.

  14. The United States is the most important? Please spare me the absolute rubbish that has been spewed. Europe and Asia are just as significant as the United States so apologises for taking you down from your high horse.

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  16. This post is crap. America Isn't the most important. If anything its a battle for Europe, in terms of controlling territory, Each console is doing well in there respective countries, but PS3 is doing better in USA than 360 in Japan. Not that I dislike America, but its not most important. Its one of them. USA+Canada,UK and most of Western Europe. Japan and Korea and China.

    Plus you can't even spell units right, douche!

  17. Take back my units thing, but your still a douche.

  18. Get true numbers for xboxes and the total number of Dead xboxes plus the number of people who now have 3-4 xboxes because they broke on them but MS still counts as a true sale.

  19. End of the day look at the software sales for the xbox and ps3 thats the battle and as for the ps3 slim people are selling there old ps3s to get 1, so that means the sales will go up and dont forget shops was givin ps3s aways with tvs and that is a unit sold as well, iam a xbox owner and i love it, good games, good online sevice, good console end of story this web site just digs the 360 who cares its a matter of opinion end of the day

  20. Last I remember the euro still way stronger than the dollar.I really hope you guys understand what that means.

  21. So after MS fans saying for years that the 360 will win all territories (except Japan) because the PS3 was an 'epic fail', now, barely a month after a PS3 price cut, they've switched to just winning in the U.S. Seems like you're grasping at the final straws to me. After all 1 out of 3 ain't bad, right? MS have been losing money on the Xbox division from 2001 to last year, now you're declaring victory over just 1 territory?

  22. US is the most important market for one really easy reason--it is the most affluent of them all.

    US gamers as a whole spend a whole lot more money, thus making it the most important market versus the others. From a business standpoint at least.

  23. Guys, don't make this a battle between America and the rest of the world; when I say most important I mean in the console war, so don't turn a healthy discussion into something else.

    And yes I stand by my research, America is the most important not because of how many people live there, but rather because they spend more money on games than any other.

    Let's keep our dialogue clean, all indecent posts will be deleted, thanks.

  24. Agreed.

    I don't know what was so difficult to understand here. The article was never about "superiority" but it was about one particular market region and the uphill battle there.

    It is pretty obvious.

  25. 1 out of 3 ain't bad, but how about 0 out of 3?

    The question isn't whether PS3 sales will demolish 360 in every region - it's already won in Europe and Japan, and will destroy 360 these holidays, maybe even Wii - but whether it will beat Wii worldwide.

    Nintendo vs Sony - the real competition. Microsoft can go sit in a corner and think about what a horrible failure they've been for 2 consecutive generations.

  26. Americans are buying Xbox and Playstation and Wii, but most places outside the US buy outside the US, US buys products from around the world, but some places (I can't say all but you know who you are)refuses the buy US products no matter how good they are. Ps3 with all the hype turns out only matches the 360 except ok it has blu ray big deal thats just been a waste up to this point so why do the PS3 sale as good as it does? I know it has the Sony name and Sony has been around and we all no we can't let something else take away that fame.

  27. @GamesThirst

    Yes but, whether they spend more money on GAMES is irrelevant. You are specifically talking about console sales in your article, and in that instance, other countries buy just as many consoles (if not more) as America does. So again, you saying that the Unites States is the most important market reeks of ignorance.

    You say you "stick by your research" but i wonder if you actually did any at all. Maybe you should think before you make such a matter-of-fact article.

  28. So Japanese gamers don't spend enough on games than America, is that what you're saying. The country that birthed 3 of the biggest games console makers ever spends less on games than the U.S? Hell, clearly Sony, Nintendo & Sega have been barking up the wrong tree for decades. They should have just all moved to America in 1979. Then we might still have the Dreamcast.

  29. If Microsoft forces a new generation of hardware. Sony should just stick with the PS3 till they can bring out a console at the $299 price point. They basically fell into a trap trying to catch up.

  30. The stats show that the places outside of the US clearly do not buy Xbox 360 as much as the Ps3 and Wii, my question why is that???? and the big three are no longer the only players but if this trend continues they will be, I for one would like to see more players in the video game and console market no matter where they come from.

  31. Just to put another nail in the coffin that is your article. Here are sales figures for each console:

    Xbox 360 Units Sold:

    United States - 11.6 million units sold
    Canada - 870,000 units
    Europe - 7 million units
    United Kingdoms - 3.9 million units
    Japan - 1 million units


    11.6 million sold in the United States
    12.8 million units sold in other parts of the globe. Which means more units were sold in other parts of the world then in the Unites States.

    PS3 Units Sold:

    Unites States - 9 million units sold
    United Kingdoms - 2.5 million units sold
    Japan - 3.4 million units sold
    Europe - 10 million units sold
    Canada - 520,000 units sold


    9 million units sold in United States
    16.4 million units sold in other parts of the world.

    So, that pretty much craps on your entire article. You say that Unites States moves more consoles then other parts of the world, and therefor is more important. Yet a quick check of wikipedia shows that you are completely wrong.
    If the Xbox 360 only wins in the United States, then that will be a blatant loss for the console. If Sony continues to dominate all other parts of the world, then the United States really doesn't matter.

    Try again GamesThirst...

  32. Well, personally, I'd take Europe as the biggest selling part of the world. Sony sold more PS2 systems there than in the US. About 42 million, I guess.

  33. Someone said it right earlier. You PS3 droids keep harping on about blue ray this and blue ray that. Please, as stated earlier, the Wii has both Xbox and PS3 beat with none of those features.

    Also, blue ray is not the be all end all, digital storage will continuously have to compete with DLC and HD on demand. That stuff isn't going anywhere. Sony put all its eggs in one basket forgetting that technology changes at such a fast pace these days, blue ray for movies may be playing second or third fiddle to some new tech or on demand capabilities real soon. Blue ray was no shape and form the change you saw going from VHS to DVD.

    Microsoft is poised to re-invent its platform with the release of Project Natal. Mark my word, it may not drastically change how hardcore gamers play FPSs, but I guarantee you it will open up the console to new people, expanding its market, which means one thing, more consoles will be sold. Most people don't see it, but Microsoft is brilliant. They're winning the hardcore race already. Now they're going after a bigger piece of the pie which is the same market that Wii owns. It makes sense (or shall I say "cents"). Smart companies go after where the money is. What will the next Wii look like. Whatever its does, it will be competing with Project Natal.

    Sony will once again be a day late and a dollar short.

    Think people!!!

  34. They've been going after that 'pie' for years now. Remember Scene It? What about Lips? And let's not forget the crowning turd 'You're in the Movies'. All 'inspired' by other peoples ideas. Sony didn't put all it's eggs in one basket. Movie downloads are already here (buying too not just 'renting'). Don't forget Sony own movie studios too so it's quite easy for them to get 'exclusive' movies only on PS3. Download only is still years away. Most people would rather have a physical product than just fill a hard drive. Plus Natal may generate interest, but how are you going to play Modern Warfare 3 with it? Stalk around your living room? MS is doing it's best to alienate the very gamers that have put it where it is. Would you rather help Milo with his homework, or grab a pad & play Halo 4? Greedycompanies go after where the money is, smart companies set the trends. I bet if HD DVD had won the High Def war, 360 owners would still be harping on about HD DVD this & HD DVD that. How much did MS lose backing that horse anyway? Oh, and learn how to spell Blu-ray, it's not that hard.

  35. At the previous guy....

    I didn't mispell Blue-ray... Sony did. As I've known it the word blue has always been spelled "blue". Sony comes along and tells you droids what to think and you did it. I guess if they told you 2+2 was 8 you'd believe that too.

    And read what I said. your quote: "Plus Natal may generate interest, but how are you going to play Modern Warfare 3 with it? Stalk around your living room?"

    My point was that they were opening up their market, going after new territory. I also said that Project Natal might not drastically change the way people play FPSs but will will open up their console, Xbox 360 to new people. Try reading the whole response before responding. You must be a Sony Fanboy. You've got that same arrogance the great late Ken Kutaragi has. Look where that's gotten Sony. They went from 1st to 3rd place in one console generation cycle.

    That's right. Sony blew the biggest lead any console manuafacture has ever had. How could you screw that up???

    Arrogance, arrogance and more arrogance.

    They've lost this generation and the sooner you and they realize it, the better off you'll all be.

    I guarantee you Sony was working on the PS4 a few short months after the blunder PS3 launched. They're scratching their heads trying to figure out how to get it right with the PS4.

    And talk about going after a bigger piece of the pie... Sony recently annoucned its vibrator looking wand thingies... Looks and smells and awlful lot like the Wii Remote to me.

  36. 360 is the winner in united states LOL give me a fricking break. I live in united states and own 3 ps3 me buy microft product haaaaaa
    xp software about all, cant see myself buying 13 360's

  37. anytime a corp. willingly knowing their product is defective from start and pass it on to unknowingly consumers need to be shot.
    I dont understand why people still buy a console that has E74,RROD,scratch disc. problems, over heating issues and they say this piece of crap is # 1??? plus 50.00 a year for crap box live. cant see myself buying 13 ps3's

  38. Wow 3 PS3's

    What did that cost you? I'm assuming if you bought 3 PS3's they were for different locations, so tack on all the extra controllers and accessories...

    What thay set you back for? I'd say at least $2,000 right? $2,000 grand to play 5 decent games...

    Ha!! What an idiot....

  39. People obviously buy it because its a great value. Great games and a great gaming community. I guess 18 million Xbox 360 owners worldwide are idiots. You must be the only smart guy on the planet.

    Stop bitchin' and jump in and play.

  40. Sony went from 1st to 3rd because MS rushed out defective console early & morons like you bought the thing. As I said MS have been trying to 'open up to new territory' for years now & it's always been a huge failure. Why should Natal be any different. So you can wave your hands around to watch a movie, whoopie-f*#king-do. Yes, Sony may be 'copying' the Wii remote but they also invented Singstar, Eyetoy & Buzz and that made the PS2 the most successful console of all time. Why would you turn your back on a company that has two hugely successful consoles under it's belt for one that dumped their first console immediately when the buggy replacement was released then goes frantically running after anyone elses ideas screaming 'Me too! Me too!' I wouldn't trust MS as far as I could throw them. Also Blu-ray is a brand name. I know what to call DVD's but i think I'll call them video CDs from mow on because I don't like their name.

  41. 'Great gaming community'?! Where people call you racist & homophobic names just because you beat them? Plus, thanks to Xbox Live, I'm PAYING to be abused! No thanks.

  42. Good so that makes two smart guys. Bitch all you want, you can't deny the numbers... 18 MILLION units worldwide. And yeah, all you can brag about IS the PS2. sony's last generation console...

    The only reason PS2 did what it did is because it had no real competition. MS enters the market and wow all of a sudden Sony has to really compete. Oh my God Now what?!?!?

    You you should be shot for bringing up the Eyetoy... That's a joke.. Only a true fanboy would raise that in a debate.

    Read them and weap.... 18 MILLION units worldwide SON!!!!

  43. 'MS enters the market' in 2001 & the PS2 still kicked its ass. 18 million units is one thing, but as the article originally stated MS is only winning in 1 market. How is that a victory? PS3 is at 11 million units so far which means 360 is ahead by 7 million. The same 7 million MS sold during 360's first year. Which means Sony have been keeping up (not dropping behind) since the PS3 launched despite the high price & 'no games'. I'm not saying Sony haven't f#*cked up (losing the rumble & BC was a stupid thing to do) but so have MS & when the dust settles & people add up the numbers MS will have lost more money than Sony in the console war. The RROD alone cost them 1 billion, not to mention HD DVD. Go back to your Gears Of War & Halo &.... Er what else? By the way it's 'weep', Jesus did you have an education?

  44. Thanks you!!! My point exactly, MS enters the market in 2001 and Sony's been in it since 1994. That's a seven year head start and they couldn't hold on to it for all the reasons I mentioned. Sony was always ahead of the game. They should have been #1 in the US RIGHT HERE AND NOW with as much brand recognition and the amount of time they've been in the market.

    They screwed up a good thing and you know it. How else do you explain it.

    I guess you would know how to spell "weep" since all you can do is cry and bi@t#%ch about MS.

    You should be thanking MS because without them, Sony would have very little incentive to drive for excellence.

  45. He he that's funny. This has been a fun 24 hours or so. What's your gamertag so we can carry this on on Live? I was expecting a long list of good 360 games but there's still time. Where was I? Oh yeah, MS sucks! Sony rules!!! O.K. your turn.

  46. Com'on friend....

    One thing I'm assuming we can agree on is either we're both nuts or we passionately like gaming. Whatever the case, competition is good for one group and that's the consumer, us gamers.

    There's good and bad to be said on both sides of the fence. I'm an adult, I can say it... Sony's done some things good and so has Microsoft. Microsoft's done some things bad, and yet so has Sony.

    Whatever you're playing or gaming with now... I hope you enjoy it.


    Oh and for the record....

    Dead Rising
    Rez HD
    Blue Dragon
    Saints Row
    Geometry Wars
    Oblivion Elder Scrolls
    Assassin's Creed
    Mass Effect
    Call of Duty MW
    Gears of War Series
    Halo Series

  47. @ above: It's great to see gamers get along even if they're on different sides of the fence.

    More people need to see this type of dialogue and learn a thing or two from you. Hope you guys will keep on coming to GamesThirst, even as we build a bigger and better website Keep it moving. God bless.