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Xbox 360 sells twice as many games as PS3 in America

It's true, the PS3 is on a rapid rise. From Europe to Japan and even The United States, but in the latter, the road is rough to say the least.

Microsoft's early arrival in this current generation was bittersweet; because they rushed out the Xbox 360 a hefty price was paid, over $3 billion in repair costs for the dreaded RROD. But at the same time, they managed to build an insurmountable lead on their competitor, namely Sony. That lead has afforded them to gross substantially more from the Xbox 360 over Sony's PS3, and according to three sources, it will be extremely hard, in fact almost impossible for Sony to overturn Microsoft's fortunes in the U.S.

Through April 2009, the Xbox 360 sold 14.4 million pieces of software accounting for 35.49% of market share, while the PS3 sold 7.5 million pieces of software with 17.93% of the market belonging to Sony. As you can see, during that time, the Xbox 360 sold double the amount of software compared to the PS3, numbers that must be pleasing to the Redmond giant. The Nintendo Wii is on a cloud of its own, with apparently no one to reach it. Wii has 46.58% percent of markert share, selling over $19.6 million pieces of software.

In my humble opinion, I see the PS3 coming close to matching software sales of Xbox 360 especially with the smashing success that is the redesigned PS3 Slim. It is for now outselling the competition which will undoubtedly close the gap between said consoles. But to be realistic, that's as close as it's going to get. The Xbox 360 has already won the race in the U.S.

But is winning The United States enough to declare victory in this generation? It's a question many would answer with a resounding no. If you want to win this war, you'll have to do it like Nintendo did in its day, like Sony did with the PS1 and PS2. If you're going to win this console war, you must win at least Europe and America to get a clear cut victory, something that's very hard for either the software or hardware giant to do in their current state.

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10/14/09 Ernice Gilbert


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  2. Why did you choose to use data that stopped in April 2009. This is October? Your article would mean more if the supporting data was current and thus relevant. By selecting to use old data it seems as if you were trying to “find” data that supported the premise of your article. While I’m sure the numbers wouldn’t change much for all of 2009, your article leaves me with a slanted impression. I guess that was what you set out to do…

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  6. You guys talking about Americans dying on here should remember I am also an American.

    Although you are free to express yourself, such childish comments about "killing Americans" won't be tolerated for one second.

  7. And before you claim we're are some Xbox 360 fanboys, check the content on our site.

    We're not bias to one console, instead we report news deemed relevant by our team.

  8. Hey Anonymous at 10:23 if it wasnt for Americans Europe would still be under the 1000 year Reich so eat a dick you fucking Euro trash fagot.

  9. This analysis is meaningless. Sold SW since inception doesn't result in recurring revenue (opposed to HW sales, where the install base counts and grows over time).

    Only current numbers of titles count. And as such, taking the install base into account, the PS3 SW sales are catching up fast, even in the US. In some titles we saw PS3 SW outselling 360 titles for the first time (Batman Dark Asylum), some others are close (NFS:S).

    Nice article, but useless.

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    You Foreigners and Aliens can talk all the shit you want. Go back to school and read your history. Dumbass LMAO.

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  12. Anon @ 12:12

    No,No,No if was the Soviets who won the 2nd World War in Europe, the US govt wanted to see the plunder of the USSR and decided to wait... in that time millions of people died... The Americans joined in 1941 but didn't try to open a Western front until 1944...
    About game sales but
    Old data but I think it would be relatively the same but I expect a slight change over time.

  13. Normally I would start with Europe this and Japan that, but my dinner is just indoors & the coffee is almost ready...I needed the break, but right now I GOT to get my @ss back to Tibet pronto:)

  14. Anon @ 2:30
    You may need to go back and check up your facts on WW2 ;)

  15. Good job nintendo! Keep it up!

  16. The problem is that a large number of people bought the PS3 as a cheap Blu-Ray player and not a gaming system. So there is a lot less game software being purchased then normally would. Perfect example, Uncharted 2 is like the greatest game ever made to PS3 fanboys, but it won't even sell over 1 million copies it first week, while Halo 3:ODST almost surpassed 2 million it's first week. Even Killzone 2 took about 4 months to sell what Halo 3: ODST sold it one week. It's going to take a long time for the PS3 to catch the XBox 360 in hardware and software sales. It may never happen.

  17. You're a pathetic twat. Desperation at it's finest.

  18. What's the breakdown of PS3 units compared to XBOX units in the US?

  19. LOL @ Anon who posted @ 2:53 PM..... That's a good one.

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  21. Let us all take this into consideration. 360 has twice the install base as the PS3, perhaps this is why software numbers are twice as much against the ps3? hmmmmmmm

    Take note that this correlation does not effect the wii because of the demographic of those who purchased the Wii.

  22. Wait, isn't this the same stupid blog that already posted that "United States is the most important game market" article? Honestly, disappear already. No one cares about your stupid, extremely Xbox biased articles.

    What are you going to do when the PS3 does take over, or at the very least break even with the 360? Eat your words? Actually, you'll probably just backpedal and say "We never meant the PS3 couldn't catch up. That's not what we were saying."

    I really wish you guys would stop appearing on my N4G news feed.

  23. There are some really sad comments on this article.

    Gamesthirst! Why are there still hatred comments in this article?

  24. @ directly above: We just deleted the uncivilized comments.

    Thanks for noticing...


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  26. I don't think it will be impossible for Sony to overturn the 360's lead in the USA. As Sony sell more consoles (Which they are now thanks to the price cut and plethora of upcoming AAA exclusives) they will also be able to move much more software.

    It'll probably take a good number of years but remember - Sony are in this for the long haul, they expect the PS3 to last 10 years on the market - that's more than enough time in my view.

  27. @ David: Your observation is solid. If I deed Sony supports the PS3 like they did with the PS2, indeed, they can overtake Microsoft in both hardware and software sales.

    But if you refresh the home page, you'll see a thread concerning Microsoft launching the next Xbox in 2012, there's also talk about Sony making the move with the PS4.

    If this rumor is true, Sony it seems will be willing to put a lot of their fopas behind them and move full throttle into the next gen, making sure MS gets no headstart.

  28. Yeah, delete the comments cowards. This article is a piece of dogshit.

  29. Not that we have to explain anything to you Anon @ 5:18pm, but when you have people commenting about killing others on your website, it's not the type of dialogue any sensible company would want to entertain.

    We appreciate opinions from all sides, but degrading and counter-productive engagements won't be allowed.

    Talk on.

  30. @ David, I meant to type "indeed," sorry for the typo. Thanks for sharing your opinions.

    To everyone:

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  31. wow, just wow, Gamesthirst post an article about some stats and most of you who disagree act like children who can't handle hard truths.

    Even if all the stats are not right, I see no reason to go on like this.

    On a gaming note, I hope both PS3 and MS wins.

    It benefits all gamers

  32. Victor in this "console war" (what a stupid expression, used quite lightly by those that never were close to real war) will be Nintedno. Cheap console, stupid games that appeal to masses, it's a bulletproof strategy.

    Second place will be determined by global sales, and not a market share in USA. I truly admire the arrogance of the Americans. Europe and Japan are much bigger markets than USA, and yet somehow, USA is always the most important one when it comes to consoles. Your country is in a heavy recession, and it owes almost 12 trillion dollars in debt. Therefore, your ability to spend is shrinking rapidly and as a result you become less and less interesting market. Sony and Microsoft do not care where they sell, as long as they sell. It has nothing to do with patriotism, it's just bussiness.

  33. This makes me laugh. The 360 owns USA, yes, but PS3 owns everywhere else in europe.

    The PS3 has sold more consoles in the same time span. The PS3 has sold more consoles in sept-oct-09 than what the 360 has sold in 7 months. The 360 had a 10 million console head start to the PS3 once the sony console got released. Now the PS3 is only 6 million behind the 360 and is catching it up fast.

    The games on the PS3 ( PORTED ) is not the consoles fault they look bad, but that of the programmers. Thats the only reason why ( people like myself ) will buy the better looking ported game, if thats for the 360, or PS3.

    The FACTS are this. MS has not shown anything in the nearly 4 years of the consoles life that has made us go WOW..

    The PS3 has done so a few times, and the console isn't even 3 yrs old yet.

    People compare XBL to PSN, yet what people need to remember is that XBL is now 7yrs old, where PSN is not even 3 yrs old and yet in the small life span of the PSN, it has more members due to multi consoles, it has moved faster than XBL had done in it's build up to DLC also.

    XBL might have more DLC than PSN, but its been around for a lot longer. If you looked at the DLC figures of PSN when that turned 7 yrs old, i bet it would have had more DLC downloaded than XBL.

    The 360 is a not a good console due to RROD/E74, ect ect. The 360 is not a good media console due to being loud, non-Blu-Ray compatible, No 7.1 s-sound, and due to all the faults of over heating ect shows this.

    The games sell more on the 360 in due to bad ports to PS3. The sony PS3 has the best graphics so far on their console, Uncharted 2 is just a taste of how much better the console is. Wheres the 360's games...( Halo ) PMSL !!!

    Enough said.

  34. Come on guys, I'm sure GamesThirst is not talking about America being better than anywhere else;

    It's a amazing that a post about statistics in one particular region would get so many talking about their region in the light of which region is better than the other. Stop the childish behavior and grow up!

  35. Europe is bigger than America, and the PS3 owns that. Look at the 360 console and the game sales for it in Japan. The 360 is doing really crap. At least the PS3 has made a good mark in the USA.

  36. The PS3 is like a apple computer, 360 is PC. The pc market is flooded with cheap products, and has a larger market share. Apple has superior products, designed for those that actually have a technical awareness, thereby not really caring what's cheaper, but what's the best. PS3 might never catch up with the 360, but who cares, those that know better have a PS3!