Saturday, November 14

50,000 people grab the free Unreal Engine 3

A little while ago, game developing company Epic Games was giving away free copies of the Unreal Development Kit to basically anybody who wanted it; ranging from students to teachers. The development kit gave whoever used it free access to Unreal Engine 3 the best part being that Epic Games was allowing any games built with it to be released.

Well it turns out that 50,000 individuals grabbed the free engine.

"We are very excited to see the uptake of UDK cross over the 50,000 mark in only one week, and we’re looking forward to seeing amazing games and applications come out of it," offered Mark Rein, vice president of Epic Games.

"We’re also thrilled to finally be able to offer UDK free for schools and students so they can work with the same awesome Unreal Engine 3 tools used by many of the top game developers and publishers around the world."

No idea where all this good will came from, but it's awesome that Epic Games chose to do this, and of course they benefit, after all 50,000 folks are using their engine will amongst other things, get their name out there more than it already is.

11.14.09 Colton West

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