Friday, November 27

Brink Boss: PS3 tech is "alien"

When you're used to developing for PC only and looking to expand your studio's efforts into the console arena, it would be much easier if the consoles structure were something similar to what you know. For example the Xbox 360's build is not that different from a PC's. However with the PS3, things a quite different and if you're going to make that move, you had better be prepared to work extremely hard to get your mind around it, or hire skilled and intelligent people to do the work for you.

Brink is one company trying to expand that's faced with the situation, and in a recent interview with Eurogamer, Paul Wedgwood, the studios boss voiced his frustration, describing the PS3's tech as "alien".

"I would say the biggest challenge is that transition from being a pure PC studio to a multiplatform one.

"To me, as a game director there are many things that are just alien, like Playstation technology and job systems, that I find it really difficult to get my head around," he said.

PS3 fans have nothing to worry about however, the studio has hired some of the best minds in the industry to do the painstaking work for them.

"Luckily it's not my job to understand job systems: we just hire really talented people to solve it instead. We have Dean Calver who was lead programmer on Heavenly Sword as lead programmer on brink," Paul added.

Now that's a good idea, unlike the other studio (cough Valve cough) that rather choose to ignore a user-base of 28 million just because their heads can't handle the PS3's tech. Brink did the logical thing and hired people with the brains to handle it. Looking forward to whatever these guys have up their sleeves.

Thanks PS3 Center.

11/27/09 Ernice Gilbert

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