Saturday, November 21

Coming soon: Red Dead Redemption trailer

Rockstar announced today that a new Trailer for Red Dead Redemption is set to drop on Dec. 1st and we can't be more excited. Yeah I know the game was originally scheduled for a released this month so our excitement is a bit countered by disappointment that the game got pushed in the first place. Even though this title is a sequel to Red Dead Revolver, its truly the first Western inspired sandbox game to come from Rockstar since the first was a pick up from Capcom and was more linear than most Rockstar games.

Take Two claimed RDR was pushed more for financial reasons than actual performance concerns with the game. We can only hope that the extra time added to development will make for even greater polish. The tag-line for the new trailer inspires a bit of Fight Club flashbacks "My name is John Marston". Check back here on Dec. 1st and we'll have our impressions of the new trailer for Red Dead Redemption. So if pre-order dates are correct we can all get our hands on it sometime in April.

11/21/09 David Allison

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