Friday, November 13

Craigslist filling up with modded Xbox consoles

With the recent large-scale ban throughout the Xbox Live community, it's understandable that gamers who had to suffer through said ban would want to get rid of the tainted consoles. It appears that Craigslist is filling up with ads from people looking to get rid of their systems that had been banned.

A recent CNET article reveals the story of one such gamer who woke up to find his system was one amongst a million users to get banished.

"I logged in, tried to play a game online, and it said I had been banned from the service for violating the terms of service," Kevin, who wouldn't give his last name, said. "I cursed, put my controller down, cursed Microsoft, and then bought another Xbox."

Apparently he went out and bought a used 360 console, hooked it up, only to find out that it too had been banned.

So if you want to buy a console cheap on Craigslist you can now, but be careful, that system might also be dead. Yeah, dead.

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