Tuesday, November 24

Diablo 3 will be Very late

Diablo 3 is a highly anticipated game, at least for those of us who like RPGs that make you feel like playing D&D. Blizzard has announced some very sad news. Diablo will not be released I’m 2010, and probably not even 2011! Granted, most of blizzard’s work on timing when their games are coming out is usually like this, so I’m not surprised nor worried, for I know that although they take more time to do, the extra effort is never wasted, and I’m usually happy that they put extra effort to fix any bugs.

Meanwhile, Star craft 2 is still on schedule, and I really hope that they still take the time to place in all of our favourite and funny moments. For those of you who don’t know, find and buy war craft 3. Then, after playing for a while, find and isolate a single member of each type of troop and spend a few minutes clicking on a solitary troop for a few minutes. It’s worth it, trust me. And remember, “Me not that type of orc!”

11/24/09 Allen Stewart

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