Monday, November 2

EA admits they're not good at storytelling

You know what? I'll give props to EA for this. There's a saying that goes, change begins with realizing your faults and working to eliminate them. And EA has recognized that they're horrible at narrating a good storyline. In past or present tense.

Army of Two: The 40th Day's director Alex Hutchinson recently said that "player storytelling trumps game-authored story every time," and that game makers are not so good at storytelling, (we're assuming he's talking about folks at EA and not game makers in general).

"We need to realize that we tell traditional stories very badly. There are a few games stories that would get published in your average fiction magazines, and it's not because we have bad writers," he said.

"We enable other people's stories, and that is so powerful and fresh that if we nail it... the sky's the limit."

Listen to more of the chatter after the break.

11/02/09 Ernice Gilbert

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