Wednesday, November 25

Far Cry 3 confirmed to be in production

Far Cry has not been mentioned in quite some time since rumors about a possible third entry in the FPS franchise started circling around, but now it appears the game is confirmed and no longer just a rumor.

Ubisoft writer Kevin Shortt told 'The Official Playstation Magazine' that, while he isn't personally working on Far Cry 3, "I know the team are and what I've seen looks pretty exciting."

If it's coming from a writer it must be true right? The big question is, where will it take place this time?

Back when Far Cry 2 was just launching, Ubisoft Montreal's Patrick Redding said they had a "commitment to the African setting" for the next Far Cry game. Redding noted, "There are still things we want to do with the African setting, and I think it's safe to say we'll continue to explore it. That said, we might find something new and compelling about the Antarctic setting that wants us to make the next game there, but honestly, we're still at the preliminary stages."

11/25/09 Colton West


  1. i hope it comes out early

  2. it better come out early

  3. It should've been oot