Wednesday, November 4

Five new PSP bundles for Japan

Sony of Japan has announced five new PSP bundles for the region, all for the PSP 3000 hardware.

Four are 'Value Pack' bundles which will include the PSP 3000 and accessories - but no game - for JPY 19,800 (USD 219.50). The consoles will come in Vibrant Blue, Piano Black, Pearl White and Radiant Red colours.

The fifth is a special Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G bundle, which will include a copy of the 3.5 million plus selling Capcom title and retail for JPY 18,500 (USD 205).

The bundles will all be released in December. There's currently no confirmation of their release outside of Japan but as soon it becomes available stateside we will update the info for our thirsty gamers.

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