Thursday, November 26

GamesThirst Nostalgia: Duck Hunt

Come Here You Dang Dog!!

Duck Hunt was a part of a cartridge for the Nintendo Entertainment System that also had Mario Brothers. It was used with the Nintendo Zapper, a light gun to shoot the targets. The targets would be flying ducks that was rustled out by your faithful dog. The ducks would come out 2 at a time and would need to be shot before they escaped or you ran out of ammo. After every 2 ducks the dog would come out and show your kills to you, or, if you missed both of them, point and laugh at you. The game was also released as an arcade game, and is part of the PlayChoice-10 arcade console. The arcade version is the only Duck hunt that let you shoot the dog.

Because of the time the games was release, October 18, 1985, it was only reviewed a few times because game reviews were not as important as they are today. Allgame said that it was a simple but loveable shooter, and most other critics and gamers sang the same song. The game is loveable and humble, and a classic that will be remembered through many generations.

11/26/09 Allen Stewart

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