Friday, November 20

GamesTirst Nostalgia: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

The Legend of Zelda, a game that needs no introduction, a game buried deep within our minds, stored there awaiting the time when we will look into the past, and take this gem back out into the light. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, also known in Japan as The Legend of Zelda: Triforce of the Gods, told the story of young Link as he goes out to save the world of Hyrule. In order to do this he must draw the sacred Master Sword, the Bane of All Evil, defeat the evil wizard Agahnim, travel to the Dark World, a twisted reflection of his own Light World, and save the seven descendants of the Sages, rescue the fair Princess Zelda, and defeat the evil king of the Dark World, Gannon. It’s quite a list, but Link has help from the immense collection of tools he obtains, such as a lantern, Pegasus boots, that let him charge into enemies and walls, and the Hook Shot, a chain that can draw things towards him or vise versa. But the forces of Darkness aren’t all that willing to let Link just walk in and take what he needs. Each dungeon has multiple levels and floors, and most rooms have monsters and traps that Link has to fight and solve his way out of before approaching the final monster of the dungeon. In each dungeon there are a few items to help you through. The compass, which shows you where the final monster in the dungeon is, the map, that shows the floor plan of the entire dungeon, the large key, that opens the final bosses room and also opens the large chest, containing the last item you need. The item in the large chest is a tool you will need, both in this dungeon and in the over world, to continue on.

At the beginning of the story, Link is awoken from a deep sleep when a telepathic message from Princess Zelda is sent to his uncle, and he intercepts it as well. Link's uncle tells him to stay in bed and departs to save the Princess. After link gets out of bed, follows his uncle to the castle and enters the secret passage, he finds his uncle lying on the ground, dying. Apparently, the wizard Agahnim had also heard the message, and intercepted your uncle, killing him. Link then takes his sword and shield, infiltrates the castle and rescues the Princess.

Upon escaping and traveling through a secret passage in the back of the throne, they arrive at the sanctuary, where the princess shall stay until he can kill the evil wizard. After finding three sacred amulets in three dungeons found all over Hyrule, Link goes into The Lost Woods and draws the Sacred Master Sword, but as he draws the sword, he gets another message from Zelda. Agahnim has found and kidnapped Zelda once again! Link then charges to toward the castle, confronts Agahnim, but not before the evil wizard sends the Princess to the Dark World. After a fierce battle Link defeats Agahnim, he gets sent to the Dark World as well. Upon traversing 7 more dungeons and saving all 7 maidens, including Zelda, he climbs the Tower of Gannon and faces off against Agahnim once again. After defeating him once more, it is revealed that Gannon, the Ruler of the Dark Realm, had been controlling him from the other side of the portal that separated the two worlds. Gannon returns to the Pyramid of Power where the Triforce is stored, then Link and Gannon have there final showdown. When Gannon is defeated, Link obtains the Triforce and is granted a single wish. He wishes for the Dark world to return to the Sacred Realm, the way it was before Gannon took over, and for the Light world to return to the way it was before Gannon took over Agahnim. He ends his adventure by placing the Master Sword back into its pedestal. May The Master Sword Sleep Forever!

Legend of Zelda: LTTP was one of the best selling SNES games of all time, with 4.61 million units sold all over the globe. It has reached top 10 list many times over, in many different categories, such as best sequel of 1992, Screw attacks top 20 SNES games list, and even Official Nintendo’s Magazines 100 greatest Nintendo games of all time. It also created its own comic, released monthly in Nintendo Power, and was re-released on both the GBA in 2002 and the Virtual console in December 2, 2006 for Japan, and January 22, 2007 in America. After all these years, Link, Zelda, and Gannon have stood the test of time and still, to this day, continue to spice up our gaming life.

May the legends continue, and never come to an end.

11/20/09 Allen Stewart

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