Sunday, November 22

Guerrilla Games prepares for massive project, seeks new people to join team

Not too long ago, news broke that Guerrilla Games, the studio behind the critically acclaimed Killzone 2 is already full throttle into development of Killzone 3. It was also rumored that said game would in fact be released in 2010. That we're not sure of, but if the recent posting on their website holds true, there is no doubt that the team is either working overtime to release the game sooner rather than later, or there's another major project in the works all together.

Do you think you have what it takes to become a team member at Guerrilla Games? Try your luck then.

Here are the positions now open:

* Senior Producer

* Senior Level Designer

* Senior Game Coder

* Senior Build Engineer

* Senior Game Designer

* Senior Environment Artist

"Guerrilla Games is rapidly expanding game development studio with an established reputation as one of Europe's leading game developers," the company said on its website.

"Founded in 2000 as a result of a merger between three smaller studios, Guerrilla now employs 130 developers from 20 different nationalities."

The positions listed above are indicative to one thing, something big is cooking up in The Netherlands, and Guerrilla Games are the ones in the kitchen.

11/22/09 Ernice Gilbert

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  1. This is great news. Lol, like your last line:

    "Something's cooking in Germany, Guerrilla Games are the ones in the Kitchen" lol

  2. Oh, I didn't realise that GG were relocating from the NETHERLANDS. You might want to fix that.

  3. GG is Dutch, not German ... I'm offended ;)

  4. I would really love to see GG come out with something that's fresh. But we all know how expensive those can be.

    I'll say it's a ramp-up to prepare for Killzone 3

  5. How about I new action-adventure games from the boys in the Netherlands?

    That'd ROCK!!!

  6. Yeah whatever, Killzone whatever will be killed by Halo Reach!

  7. Greetings gamers! Ernice Gilbert here.

    On January 1st, 2010, our official website will be launched and the blog site will be abandoned.

    But until then, here's our home and we're grateful for your support. Who knows? You might be the lucky winner of a PS3/Uncharted 2 combo or an Xbox 360/MW2 combo. Don't miss out, come and join us!

  8. Halo Reach will brutalize Killzone 3 at retail!!

    And that's what really matters!

  9. For all the blind 360 fanboys wanting to compare sales figure of your mediocre Halo nonsense - why don't you try comparing sales figures of Halo the Playstation exclusive Gran Turismo???

    Gran Turismo has sold 53 million games.......Halo has sold a laughable 25 million, nice try. Playstation games brutalise Xbox games at retail and that's all that really matters!!!

  10. David mcfail ?

    Are you really comparing a FPS to a racing game ? Ridiculous !

    Playstation games brutalize Xbox games ? Where...
    GT 5 is already done ?

    Last numbers on Killzone 2 Hype... yeah right

    What about Uncharted 2 ? 1 million ?

    Do you know that Gran turismo... is 5 years in development... ?

    Stop Failing so Much....

    Gran turismo sold very well... with the ps2 geration... now the thing are very even...

    And sales ? Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii for you mister sony cock sucker!

  11. killzone 2 is awesome, looking forward to any title guerilla is cooking in their kitchen :D

  12. Ha ha, David Macphail's fail is a fail. Only a blind, brown-nosng, rage-filled fanboy idiot compares an FPS to a Racing simulator. You would've had a point if you'd compared Forza 3 or SOME OTHER RACING game, but you voided yourself when you pit shooter against driver. You sir, are my JACKASS of the day! Congrats.

    Now, to the folks who say that Reach will own Killzone, we do not yet know that. We have no idea what Reach will do, be, or look like. So let's wait to see Reach FIRST before we start comparing two games which haven't even been released yet.

    Remember kids, only you can prevent Fanboy Wars.

  13. Great news, hope they get splitescreen in this time, and a better story, then it will be perfect
    And as for the halo boys - 640p last gen graphics, generic gameplay, spray and pray shooring, lame story with 8 mn sales VWERSUS the best graphics, best AI coupled with cover based gameplay, great atmosphere, superb multiplayer and 2 million sales - I know which one I would prefer to play.

  14. And for the previous comment: David has a fair point. he is comnparing the PS3's established flagship title (MGS, with 5 million plus sales could also be a candidate) with the 360's flagship title. It just happens that the PS3 userbase goes for different types of games, not just generic shooters, so if you compare shooter sales the 360 will always come ahead.

  15. @9.45 nope retail doesnt matter,just likex factor singers dont matter even know they sell loads.
    what matters is how great a game is and if it will go down in history just like all the greats games,films,artists and killzone 3 will just like kz2 wheres nobody will ever remember halo reach in a couple of years never mind decades later..later xbot trolls

  16. Halo 3
    Halo 3 ODST
    Halo Reach


    Killzone 2
    Killzone 3
    Resistance 3
    and so on...

    I play games, not sales=)

  17. whoa!! xbots calm down!!
    if halos your thing why are you interest in killzone? all this article was stating was that GG was getter bigger as a company NOT that halo reach was a flop..

    @10.09 you fail sir! seriously.. also Wii sez hi to xbox and you too...

    the halo franchise was originally dubbed a gran turismo killer -- so yh we can compare different genres if sales are what matters (@9:54)
    by the way forza3 just only hit the 1 million mark so... yh in the racing genre gt5>forza3 (@ricky q)--> douche bag of the week award winner!!! congrates

    now go suck your motherS!! P!!

  18. Ricky Q - you are a good example of why in - breeding is a bad idea. Your mom's fat fail is a are my personal your mom jackass of the day and so on and so forth.

    To you (As well as the anonmymous clown who also replied to me which is probably also you) - you can stop brown - nosing Bill Gates and stop sucking his bone like a rabid dog! I wasn't comparing the games you almighty jackass i was comparing SALES.....just like you 360 retards were so eager to do until i pointed out why you were making an idiot out of yourself.

    Stop crying and get your mom to wipe your mouth - you've drooled all over yourself in a mad rage of fanboyism.

  19. wtf u stupid halo fans go play and jump around in ur last gen game jus cuz halo sold millions does not mean its good jus means the millions who got it r stupid as fuck

  20. i have to admit that if killzone 2 is a flop then so is forza 3, kz2 has sold more than forza 3 so that kinda puts you xbots to shame.

  21. bunch of homo xbox fan boys ps3 quality of games is top notch sales does not equal quality we all know that

  22. wait so a game thats been on store shelfs since 1997 has sold more than a game that released in 2001.
    wow who would of expected that?

  23. David McPhalic is trying to compensate for something... especially after that last date:

    "Ah... what a cute little thing," shemale said.

  24. Why are there comments here regarding Halo?

    This is not a Halo report. This is a GG report, so stop the talk about Halo. That game has nothing to do with this, you bots should be ashamed, while the older PS3 owners are getting out and about fucking the ladies in nightclubs, you kids are wanking over Master Chief or whatever his name is.

    PS3 is more than just a console, these days who the hell wants just a console? That is so last gen!

  25. Amazing news! I am really excited that they are already developing Killzone 3... but let's just hope they too don't jump on the 360 bandwagon (like Hideo Kojima decided to do!) and become disloyal to Sony... that would be awful( anyways, they can't since the 360 doesn't have such processing capabilities!)...

  26. uberpix, GG is not independent.

    The studio was acquired by Sony back in 2005.

  27. @ Anonymous (The one that replied to me) - that's no way to talk about your mother!

    Also, for the record, it wasn't MY fault the date got ruined......i accidentally took her out to an "All You Can Eat" restaraunt but i didn't realise she would actually eat EVERYTHING......when the waiter came over to tell us some of the other customers were complaining about there being nothing left she picked him up and swallowed him as well! Talk about a disaster. Still, at least some good came out of it, she has now been officially classified as the largest planet in our Solar System by NASA. What a proud moment this must be for you, son of a she - male.

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