Tuesday, November 17

In Japan, the PS3 holds on to its crown

Ever Since the PS3 Slim launched, it has been at the top of the charts in Japan, even after Nintendo slashed the price of the Wii the Playstation 3 was not dethroned. This month it's no different.

The PS3 sold an impressive 48,925 units for the week, help by the launch of Pro Evolution Soccer 2010, (Winning Eleven 2010) in Japan as the game is exclusive to the PS3 there.

Here's the full list:

Playstation 3 - 48,925

DSi - 37,421

PSP - 33,784

PSPgo - 13,992

DS Lite - 5,515

Xbox 360 - 4,679

PS2 - 2,066

PS2 is up to this day is fighting the good fight of longevity. Some of the best moments in gaming can be found on that system; no joke.

11.17.09 Ernice Gilbert

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