Thursday, November 12

Its Official, Facebook coming to PS3

On Tuesday the internet was abuzz with Rumors that Sony would be bringing a Facebook interface to the XMB on the PS3, due to the above leaked shots from ScrawlFX. Well now it seems these rumors have been confirmed. Eurogamer is now reporting that an insider close to Sony confirmed that the Facebook interface is coming to a PS3 sometime in the future. The official Sony comment is that there will be more information on this "very shortly".

Sony seems set to try and keep pace with MS at this point in order to tout the content of PSN and the PS3 offerings. MS had previously announced that they would be releasing a social networking package to Live, containing Facebook, Twitter, and Granted at this point Sony is only releasing Facebook XMB access but if you want to tweet from the PS3 you can already do this via the PS3' s built in web browser. The implications of Facebook on the PS3 are even greater for gamers and videofiles alike. being that this would hopefully require Sony to also upgrade the flashplayer codecs on the PS3 which would allow more compatibility with the ever expanding internet content that is currently non-compatible with the console's browser. Now if Sony would just strike some deals to have a Wii type Virtual Console and bring us some of the turbo graphics 16 content the other systems get then I would be completely sold.

11/13/09 David Allison

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