Wednesday, November 25

Killzone turns 5, GG gives away DLC, hosts retro tournament

Already five years have disappeared since the original Killzone title was released for the PS2. Now we're full throttle in the seventh generation of gaming and not many other games have made such a huge splash and garnered massive critical praise like Killzone 2.

Guerrilla Games are proud of the franchise they've created and would like to share their excitement with you.

Here's what's in store for fans in the next few days:

  • Looking back at Killzone 1
    Later this week on, Seb “Motherh” Downie and I are going to play through the first Killzone game for you. We’ll be commenting on our favourite sections and wallowing in beer-induced nostalgia.

  • DLC download code giveaway
    Haven’t checked out the
    Killzone 2 DLC map packs yet? You’re in luck, because Guerrilla is having a DLC download code giveaway. Keep a close eye on this week for full details!

  • Killzone 2 retro tournament
    This weekend (November 27-30) Guerrilla will host a Killzone 2 retro tournament, using only the Beach Head and Southern Hills maps from the second DLC pack. And there’s more to be gained than valor alone, because…

  • Double XP Weekend returns
    …the tournament will take place during a Double XP Weekend! Just like last time, any game created in the weekend of November 27-30 will yield extra XP to help you boost your ranking.

  • Killzone 1 and 2 side-by-side
    Finally, editor Victor Zuylen will compare various features of Killzone 2 with its predecessor next week, illustrating exactly how far we’ve come since the first Killzone game was released.

Hope you get lucky.

11/25/09 Ernice Gilbert

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